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Your company is dedicated to delighting its customers, guests and patients. You are the economy’s “experiential enterprises,” the beauty, spa, wellness, health, fitness, retail and hospitality businesses, and you face fierce competition and intense public scrutiny. Costs and complexity are increasing. Your employee talent pool is shrinking.

  • How can you build a company–and  team–that will win more 5 star reviews on Yelp, Google+, and Trip Advisor?
  • How can you turn that customer delight into profit?

Consulting and Education for Experiential Enterprises

Wynne Business was born 20 years ago, when award-winning Preston Wynne Spa in California decided to share its unique and proven formulas, tactics and tools for turning customers into passionate lifelong fans. 

Creating world-class Customer Experiences (CX) goes far beyond delighting customers. It sets up a virtuous cycle that helps you grow sales. It enables you to avoid wasteful refunds, returns and comps. Employees prefer to work with happy customers, so great CX reduces employee turnover and makes it easier to recruit new talent. Happy customers are loyal, generate positive word of mouth, and write glowing reviews. So companies with excellent CX spend less on marketing–and they don’t have to give away the store on Groupon or TravelZoo to bring in new business. That boosts profit–along with the value of the company.

The spa and beauty industry, where our roots are, is one of the most influential and fast-growing verticals in new Experiential Economy. As the spa industry has grown, Wynne Business has grown with it, offering our customer-service, loyalty-building and talent-management education and consulting to businesses in health, hospitality and retail.

Spa and Salon Management Education and Spa Consulting

Our signature spa management seminar, the Spa Director’s Management Intensive, is offered as a live workshop as well as a self-paced, online spa management certificate program. Our popular spa employee training program, Selvice, integrates five star customer service and customer-centered sales skills.

Our spa industry clients include day spas, salon spas, hotel spas, resort spas, club spas, wellness spas and medical spas, as well as entrepreneurs planning spa startups. Our industry clients include vendors of professional products and equipment, as well as investors and real estate developers. We also advise on spa valuations for sellers seeking an exit and potential spa acquirers.

International Experience

Lisa Starr has over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, beginning as an entrepreneur and technician, and evolving into management of a regional chain of day spas. She has spent the last 15 years as a salon and spa consultant, helping companies maximize spa operations performance in both front and back of house.  Her knowledge and experience span all aspects of both spa & salon start-ups and ongoing operations issues, including finances & compensation, marketing, inventory management, retailing, human resource development, and business process improvement.

Lisa is also a Contributing Editor at Dayspa Magazine, a highly-rated speaker at global spa and beauty industry conferences, and a frequent spa management trainer, having presented classes in China, South Africa, Brazil, Croatia, and more. Lisa is a member of the Institute of Management Consultants.

To learn more about our seminars, online learning and spa consulting, contact us at consultants@wynnebusiness.com, or call us at 610.368.6660.

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