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CX-perts wanted: #1 in a series

Customer experience, or “CX” in industry parlance, is the real-world outgrowth of UX, User Experience. While this seems ironic, if not absolutely bass-ackward, the big players in the consumer space figured that if online user experiences were... (more...)

Don’t send a “theme” to do a Vision’s job

Successful business visions must be built to last. Whether your company is a startup or you are repositioning an existing business for future growth, the last thing you want to do is create a “theme” when you actually need a vision. While... (more...)

The Voodoo Reviews Do, Part Two

“Search” and “Review” got married a couple of years ago, and “Searchiew” (Gesundheit!) is the new normal. Consumers don’t have to look for reviews any more–they’re everywhere. And the more reviews... (more...)

The Agent in Red

Last month I had the pleasure of participating in “Creating Raves,” a three day customer service intensive put on by Hospitality Quotient, the consulting and training arm of Union Square Hospitality Group. I’ve been an admirer of the... (more...)

New Year’s Resolution #1: Increase your gross profit in 2014

As we put the recession in our rear view mirror, the spa operators we know have pruned all the dead wood they can from spa overhead. The few tweaks we made at our own Preston Wynne spa in 2013–getting rid of excessive back office space, flattening... (more...)

Do what you love and…what happens?

As spa consultants, we spend a lot of time talking to clients about their dreams and vision for new spas. Not surprisingly, a lot of people who love spa-going believe that becoming a spa owner is their destiny. We meet many impassioned would-be spa owners,... (more...)

Join Lisa Starr in South Africa for the High Performance Spa Workshop.

  Wynne Businesss spa management education returns to South Africa this summer. Wynne Business’ Lisa Starr, Les Nouvelles Esthetiques, and TUV Rheinland are teaming up to present this information-packed, advanced spa management training course,... (more...)

Lisa Starr’s latest Global Spa Trends presentation from her recent appearance at the SpaTec conference is available as a pdf on the Wynne Business website. Browse the zillions of images she’s included and you might just get your next... (more...)

Lessons in Hospitality

Last week, I went to an hour-long Hospitality Fantasy Camp (well, that’s what it was for me!) I attended a cooking demonstration and “conversation” with Danny Meyer and Carmen Quagliata of the Union Square Cafe in New York, at the Pebble... (more...)

New York Gift Show Wrap-up from Lisa Starr

In her latest blog for, Wynne Business spa consultant Lisa Starr prowls the New York Gift Show for goodies to goose your retail sales this spring and summer.  Read More →

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