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Employee training at your business

Nothing engages people more completely, and produces better results, than live employee training as a team. Our workshops are interactive, lively and fast-paced. Results are instantaneous.

All on-site training includes a thorough consultation to ensure that we are meeting your key objectives and to understand your unique business processes and culture. Branded training programs are available as well, and can include your brand images, language, mission and goals.


SELVICE: Selling Through Service is a holistic workshop for Experiential Enterprises that improves both customer service and sales, rather than teaching these as two separate disciplines. Employees attracted to the “helping professions” are often intimidated by the idea of “selling.” This culturally-appropriate, proven seven-step process helps your team members increase their retention and grows service and retail sales. It creates new confidence and engagement. Includes course text master for your unlimited use.

We can create branded customer service programs for your business, complete with your standards, language and scripting, and provide online resources for continuous learning.


MASTERING THE MINDSET OF WORLD CLASS SERVICE is our signature customer service workshop. If you’re concerned about negative reviews and attitudes, this is the antidote. We help your team understand the three crucial ingredients of world class Customer Experience and their role in ensuring customer loyalty. Appropriate for every level of employee, from front line to management. Includes a course text master for your unlimited use. Note: Before implementation we will ensure that the “best practices” we share are aligned with your procedures. For example, we’ll want to know the level to which your team members are empowered to resolve a customer complaint.


ESSENTIAL TOOLKIT FOR SPA SUPERVISORS is the perfect program for growing spas. Many supervisors are promoted from hands-on positions without any formal training in supervision. Even team leads and supervisors with natural leadership ability need to learn the skills required to manage people. This workshop helps close that gap to ensure their success. It includes training in problem solving and crisis management; effective communication skills for praise, coaching and discipline; fundamentals of delegation; and motivational techniques for boosting performance and engagement.


To discuss your training and education issues and ideas, contact us at consultants@wynnebusiness.com, or call us at 610.368.6660.



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