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Spa Director’s Management Intensive – Online Class

This twelve week, on-demand online course follows the agenda of our live seminar, and even expands on it.

If you’re already involved in spa operations, the Spa Director’s Management Intensive Online will help you tackle your toughest management challenges. If you’re planning to open or acquire a spa, you’ll leave this program with a clear understanding of the potential risks and rewards. If you’re considering a career change or advancement into spa management, the Spa Director’s Management Program will put you miles ahead of the competition.

This groundbreaking online program enables attendees to acquire the knowledge we pack into this three day program in an expanded, self-paced format.

The Spa Director’s Management Intensive is constantly updated and relevant to the current business climate. Hot button-topics like yield management, online discounters, and recession-era employee morale issues are part of the curriculum.  Real-world learnings come from 30 years of operating an award-winning day spa in California as well as our work with hundreds of clients across a wide array of industry sectors.

Just as with our live seminar, this program includes lectures and presentations by instructor Lisa M. Starr.


The program is presented in a series of modules:

  • World Class Customer Service
  • Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction
  • Building Your Spa Team
  • Training and Appraisal
  • Essentials of Spa Leadership
  • Spa Accounting Essentials
  • Financial Savvy
  • Compensation for Spa Employees
  • Marketing the Spa Today
  • Sales:  Selling Through Service
  • Successful Retail Programs
  • Managing Spa Treatment Programs

Financial management skills for directors and managers

  • Financial literacy for non-financial professionals
  • Compensation plans that drive profit and employee loyalty
  • Plugging the profit “leaks” in your operation
  • Understanding the impact of discounts and promotions
  • Understanding the legal and accounting issues of gift card sales

Sales and Marketing

  • Marketing trends: the good, the bad, the ugly
  • Millenials vs. Boomers: understanding the next generation of spa goer
  • Essentials of online marketing and social media
  • Understanding yield management, including discount strategies
  • What “retention” means in your spa (it’s different for day, stay and med spas)
  • Turning the tables on “Social Discounters” like Groupon

Successful Spa Programs

  • The pros and cons of “branded” and vendor-driven treatments
  • Innovation vs. profit: keeping it simple
  • Enticing menus that drive profit, control cost and simplify operations
  • Ensuring workplace safety for spa employees
  • Managing back bar costs

Retail Management

  • Ending the disconnect: making retail happen in a spa
  • Creating a more profitable retail mix
  • Best practices for optimizing your inventory turns
  • Private Label Essentials
  • Best practices for partnering with vendors

Leadership and Communication

  • What your team needs from you and how to give it to them
  • Recruitment: how to hire the best employees
  • How to be a better delegator
  • Why you can’t motivate your staff and what to do about it
  • Effective employee discipline and performance appraisal

Quality Management

  • The Experiential vs. Transactional spa
  • Managing “Moments of Truth” and crises
  • How to manage quality in the “closed door” spa environment
  • Teaching your team to effectively resolve complaints and perform service recovery
  • Comps, refunds and redos: how to use them wisely


  • Our proprietary Spa Director’s e-Text
  • Powerpoint lectures, recorded for your convenience
  • Assignments, online discussions, and tests (75% overall score required for certificate of completion)
  • One hour private business coaching session


Discounts available for two or more participants from the same organization!

Rate for Individual $995.00
Group of 2 or more $795.00 each

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Have questions about the curriculum or any other aspect of the SDMI program? Call us at 610.368.6660. Or e mail instructor Lisa Starr at lstarr@wynnebusiness.com.

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