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Strategic Vision Sessions

Whether you are a retail, beauty, spa, hospitality, or health-care enterprise, your objective is to create a great experience for your customers—an experience so compelling and well-executed that you create loyalty and enjoy a strong business culture.

This requires a clear, shared vision that gets everyone on your team on the same page. Companies that articulate a Strategic Vision have a huge advantage over their competitors.

When is the right time for a Strategic Vision Session (SVS)?

  • Startup
  • New product launches and expansions
  • Turnaround
  • Major initiatives
  • Annual and long-term planning

The SVS is a series of iterative, progressive group exercises, led by expert facilitators, that draw out your team’s “shared intelligence,” as well as deeply held values, insights, strengths, concerns, and opportunities.

The Wynne Business SVS leverages the core competencies, talents, market insights, innovations and abilities of your team. Your facilitator-consultants create large, colorful, and visually-stimulating posters that capture the group’s input, a process that honors contributions and ensure full engagement and participation.

During the SVS, our facilitators guide your team in developing a shared understanding of current economic, market, cultural, and technological factors that will shape the project. An SVS bonds the team around a shared purpose while recognizing what each participant brings to the table.

Following the session, your facilitators produce a Strategic Vision Brief that refines and articulates the content of your SVS. The Brief is a document that helps you stay on plan and remain true to your vision.

We’d like to learn more about your needs in a private, complimentary teleconference, Skype, or web meeting.

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