Your employees are the ultimate expression of your brand. Our highly effective, culturally-attuned employee training programs increase productivity, revenue and employee satisfaction. Whether you’re starting a new business or taking your team to the next level, excellent employee training is the best investment you can make.

Our expert instructors, all with years of experience in training and presenting, provide stimulating, effective and professional-executed learning experiences for your team. Our training programs provide the best ROI for your investment of time and money.

Branded Training Option: All employee training programs can be customized with your brand standards and language. We’re happy to provide a consultation to discuss your specific learning objectives and needs.

SELVICE: Seven Steps to Abundant Sales and Stellar Customer Service is our signature spa employee training program, blending sales skills with customer service in seven vital practices that ensure customer delight and loyalty. Our holistic approach ensures maximum buy-in from therapists, stylists and revenue-generating employees who don’t like to think of themselves a “salespeople.” Selvice insights help your team members overcome self-imposed limitations and develop new confidence and increased income.

dvd-selvice-originalSelvice can be delivered as an on-site training program for your team, as well as a web-based live training. We also offer our Selvice training on DVD. (check out the preview clip here). This 80 minute video training program is designed for service providers and front line employees. Selvice includes seven key “practices” which can also be taught as stand-alone modules. It’s ideal for coaching sessions and staff meetings, as well as independent learning. The DVD includes essential skills like rapport building and sales techniques that graciously persuade spa guests to reschedule and purchase home care.

The Selvice training on DVD is just $199 and can be ordered by e mailing

CONCIERGE FINISHING SCHOOL FOR YOUR FRONT LINE: Your front-line team holds the keys to the success or failure of your spa, salon or practice. Entry level positions don’t always attract people with the skills required to create world class experiences for guests, clients and patients. This program gives your front-line team new tools for ensuring delight, loyalty, and higher sales. It also increases employee motivation and improves teamwork.

Find out about our self-paced course, the Spa Concierge Finishing School online

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING PROGRAMS address specific challenges encountered by your growing organization:

  • Concierge/Front Desk Finishing School
  • Mastering the Pre-treatment Consultation
  • Creating World Class Customer Experiences
  • Mastering Positive Communication and Problem Solving
  • Leading, Managing and Appraising Spa and Salon Employees

To discuss your employee development and training needs and challenges, contact us at, or call 610.368.6660.