Mastering The Mindset Of World Class Service

FRONT DESK TRAINING, 2/20: Mastering the Mindset of World Class Service

World class service is no accident. To achieve this elevated level of guest care, you must start by grounding team members in the unique “mindset” that inspires top service organizations. Especially during a recession, team members don’t always exhibit the right attitude, or may not seem to be inspired, about delivering superior customer service. Yet it’s more important than ever, especially because spa visits are less frequent. Your customer’s expectations are high, and employee spirits may be low. This webinar will help you jump start team morale.

This fast paced live session, led by Wynne Business President Peggy Wynne Borgman, will inform, engage and inspire all spa personnel, regardless of their role. Recommended as a “core course,” it’s the perfect prelude to our skills training programs, such as “Mastering the Reservations Call.”  It’s a great way to kick off a service improvement project, meeting, or coaching session.

  • What is “world class” service?
  • What do customers value most and why is it so hard for most spas to deliver this?
  • How staging experiences differs from delivering services or filling orders. Getting out of the “transaction” mindset.
  • Guest expectations of their spa experience: are you prepared to deliver?
  • The three key components of world class service: Values, Systems and Art
  • The core values of great service providers
  • Structure: the sacred geometry that holds your spa together
  • The Power of Consistency: how Systems drive world class service
  • Art: How World Class service providers create delight
  • Understanding social styles and how they affect our communication with others–coworkers and clients alike
  • Techniques for achieving rapport quickly
  • Moments of Truth in World Class Service: how to survive the test

At just $99, about the cost of one comped service, you can’t afford to miss this session. Train four employees at one computer and the per-employee training cost is just $25. Please make sure you are using a computer with speakers, and check your volume level before the session begins.



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