Secrets Of Retention And Retail Of Treatment Professionals

Secrets of Retention and Retail for Treatment Professionals

Registration for this webinar has closed.  Below are the topics which were discussed.

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Spa therapists are not always comfortable with recommending retail products.

This session will help service providers and their supervisors understand how to boost confidence and income with new strategies, skills and and tactics. Find out how effective home care recommendation, an approach that honors the guest experience, can actually improve guest satisfaction.

  • The Home Care Advisor
  • When treatment time is sales time: walking the fine line
  • The difference between professional products and mass marketed formulas
  • Understanding social styles, starting with your own
  • Mastering the meet and greet with new clients
  • Using the New Guest Profile
  • Surefire techniques for connecting with even difficult clients
  • Mastering the art of the client consultation
  • Finding out where it hurts: understanding your client’s deeper needs
  • Analysis and observation skills
  • Treatment “narration;” helping them understand the value of what you’re doing
  • Creating the desire to extend their benefits through home care and spa services
  • Finding out if it’s “okay” to recommend home care
  • Appropriate timing and opportunities for communication during different services
  • Why it’s hard to toot your own horn and what to do about it
  • Creating solutions for your client’s deeper needs
  • Setting priorities: understanding how much to recommend, and when
  • Integrating home care communication into a service
  • Optimizing your recommended program: the fastest and best way to achieve their goal
  • Extending the invitation: when, where and how
  • Visual presentation of home care: do’s and don’ts
  • Understanding and responding when clients don’t accept your invitation
  • Fun with Bumps
  • Do’s and don’ts of sampling
  • The crucial importance of record keeping
  • Follow up: when and how
  • How to grow the relationship with every visit


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