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International Marketing SWIC 2017

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Human Resources

Finding Five Star Employees: Finding the best team for your business is your most important responsibility. Learn how to create “A” players for your business. This presentation provides an overview of effective planning and hiring from recruitment to skills assessment, to training, and career management.

Finances and Operations

Spa In Hotel & Integrated Resort: A look at the global spa market as presented to a trade show in Tokyo, Japan in 2017.

Key Financial Indicators of Spa Success: Do you know the key financial metrics affecting spa success? Take a behind-the-scenes look at financial tools and a spa income model, to help identify your potential revenue leaks.

Compensation Trends: Take a close look at compensation plan options for the spa industry. Learn what compensation plans work the best, how to convert to a compensation plan, and how to position your business as an Employer of Choice.

Power Up Your Q4 Profits: Fourth quarter is the busiest time of year for you and your clients. How do you stand out in a sea of advertisements and marketing? Learn where to focus your resources and how to gain the most revenue in this busy quarter.

Show Me The Money: How do you define profitability for a spa business? What does success look like for your business? Show Me The Money is a look at the financial framework of a successful spa business.

Is Your Medical Spa Worth It? Are you considering expanding your practice to include a medical spa? Learn more about the most important services to offer, how to build your team, how to define profitability, and the financial framework of a medical spa.

Demystifying Your Income Statement? Take the mystery out of your business Income Statement. Learn what should be included, what services are most profitable, and what it all means for your business.

Inventory Management Basics: Are you providing your clients with the best products at the best prices? Learn more about planning, directing, and controlling your inventory so that it contributes to the success of your spa business.


Service Menu-Treatment Menus That Drive Sales: Your spa menu tells the story of your spa and tells visitors what they can expect from their investment. Is your menu meeting the needs of your clients? Learn how to effectively plan your menu of services to drive sales and client satisfaction.

Leading Spa Revenue Growth: Sales growth is simple. It’s just not easy. Take a look at what digital marketing tools are most effective for promoting your business and supporting revenue growth.

Global Spa Trends: What is new in the worldwide spa industry? Take a trip around the world to explore the latest trends in spa design and concept, and unique services like social spa lounge and rush hour beauty.


Smart Retailing And Your Bottom Line: Did you know clients who purchase products are 78% more likely to return to the spa? Learn what products are most important to your clients and how to tell your retail story.




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