Wynne Business is globally recognized for providing high quality, high-value management training programs, like the highly-acclaimed Spa Directors Management Intensive. But if the logistics and travel of attending an in-person event don’t work for you, don’t despair, we’ve got solutions.

Spa Director’s Management Intensive Online

This twelve-module, on-demand online course follows the agenda of our live seminar, but allows the flexibility of working with your personal schedule and lifestyle demands.  If you’re already involved in spa operations, the Spa Director’s Management Intensive Online will help you tackle your toughest management challenges. If you’re planning to open or acquire a spa, you’ll leave this program with a clear understanding of the potential risks and rewards. If you’re considering a career change or advancement into spa management, the Spa Director’s Management Program will put you miles ahead of the competition.

The Spa Director’s Management Intensive Online will help you to tackle the demands of operating a demanding customer-centric business at a time and pace that suits you. Real world learnings come from over 30 years of operating an award-winning day spa in California as well as our work with hundreds of clients across a wide array of industry sectors.

SDMI Online Pricing:

The twelve-module course is available for $995. The reading assignments, homework, and quizzes take most users approximately 30-40 hours to complete. This course is designed for a single user, but you will continue to have access to the material after completion.

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Spa Concierge Finishing School

We have always used the word “concierge” to describe the activities of the front desk support team, as their job goes well beyond just answering phones and greeting clients.  While the experience of the guest while with a provider is crucial, the first and last interaction with the business always happens with a member of the concierge team, and these create impactful and lasting impressions on the likelihood the guest will recommend and return. The Spa Concierge Finishing School is a 4-part, self-paced online training course that will take an individual or a team through each of four components of excellent customer care:

  1. Mastering the Mindset of World Class Service
  2. Mastering the Reservations Call
  3. Checkout that Maximizes Revenue and Retention
  4. Mastering Complaint Resolution and Service Recovery

Each 50-minute segment includes a power point audio & video presentation, and aptitude quiz. Choose one segment for a specific need, or for even better results, spend an hour or two each week bringing your entire support team through the series. It will be especially impactful when they learn together, and you should see an immediate improvement in focus and results from this crucial group of staff, who are often overlooked when it comes to training, and yet are one of your strongest links to building a loyal repeat clientele.

Mastering the Mindset of World Class Service

These days, every business touts their excellent customer service, and yet we so often still do not experience it. Being able to actually provide a high level of customer care is not just a matter of training and handbooks; we’ll explore the roots and qualities of a culture of customer care that will enable your organization to consistently deliver on this promise.

Mastering the Reservations Call

Businesses spend a lot of energy and effort in marketing plans that result in phone calls, but then what? This course focuses on the many opportunities in this first interaction and provides strategies to focus the conversation with the potential client so that you can turn that phone call into revenue for your business.

Checkout that Maximizes Revenue and Retention

What clients tend to remember most is their last interaction with a business; unfortunately, in the wellness and hospitality sector, that means that the checkout and bill paying can overshadow the enjoyment created beforehand. We’ll focus on tactics that build on this interaction to create rapport with the client and ensure an ongoing relationship.

Mastering Complaint Resolution and Service Recovery

Despite all the comprehensive training and support tools that you supply to your customer care team, sometimes, we just can’t make the client happy. This is not an “if” but a “when” event, and is actually the best test of your customer care culture. This course provides strategies for handling these rare occurrences, and steps to decrease their frequency.

Spa Concierge Finishing School Pricing:

Each individual course is available on demand for $69 and is accompanied by an aptitude quiz. The entire set of 4 is valued at $234. Courses can be replayed as often as you need, as your team expands.

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