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Signature Management Seminars

Wynne Business is globally recognized for providing high quality, high value management training programs. Unlike most management training courses, our programs are rigorously updated and relevant to the current business climate.

Spa Director’s Management Intensive

Spa Director’s Management Intensive has long been recognized as one of the best management training programs in the industry. We’ve trained spa management professionals for the top tier of the international hospitality industry, hundreds of independent salons and spas, medical spas, hospital spas, and dozens of wellness centers and boutique hotels.

Spa Director’s Management Intensive (SDMI) seminar is offered live in the U.S. and as an online program.

“I am SO glad that I chose to invest in this seminar. I feel much more equipped, knowledgeable and positioned for success! Thank you.”

Kristy Lucas, 2015 SDMI Graduate

The Live Spa Director’s Management Intensive – JOIN US MARCH 13-15, 2016 in Philadelphia!

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Spa Director’s Management Intensive Online

This twelve week, on-demand online course follows the agenda of our live seminar, and even expands on it.

If you’re already involved in spa operations, the Spa Director’s Management Intensive Online will help you tackle your toughest management challenges. If you’re planning to open or acquire a spa, you’ll leave this program with a clear understanding of the potential risks and rewards. If you’re considering a career change or advancement into spa management, the Spa Director’s Management Program will put you miles ahead of the competition.

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The Spa Startup Workshop

One eye-opening day aspiring spa entrepreneurs can’t afford to miss, scheduled prior to our Management Intensive.

Planning your spa? Start right, avoid costly missteps, and launch your dream. This intensive one day program includes our exclusive course text and a private phone consultation following the course. It’s immediately followed by the Spa Director’s Management Intensive, which focuses on spa operations education. Take them together for a deep dive into the spa industry business model.

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Have questions about the curriculum or any other aspect of the SDMI program? Call us at 610.368.6660. Or e mail instructor Lisa Starr at lstarr@wynnebusiness.com.

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