How can I train my front desk team without any time and budget?

Virtually every spa has cut back on meetings and education during the downturn. There’s good news, though. Training your team is less expensive, and more convenient, than it’s ever been, thanks to–yes–the miracle of modern technology.

We’re talking about webinars. These are almost-as-good-as-being-there presentations that will engage and inform you and your team.

We suspect, if you’re reading this blog (behavior that denotes a high degree of intelligence), that you’d be willing to spend $15-$25 per person to get your front desk team world-class training in the following subjects:

• Mastering the Spa Reservations Call
• Mastering Complaint Resolution and Service Recovery
• Checkout that Maximizes Retail Sales and Rescheduling

Each of these Wynne Business Training Library webinars includes a highly original Powerpoint presentation and audio lecture, full of fresh, use-it-tomorrow content. They’re just $99 apiece, and once downloaded, they’re in your training library forever.

Custom training programs, with your company’s branding, processes and signature scripting, can be created quickly and affordably.

To review the webinars in our Training Library, visit, and click on “Recorded Sessions” in the left hand menu. You’ll see complete descriptions and agendas for each webinar.

On Tuesday, April 27th, Lisa Starr and I will present our next live webinar, “Mastering the Mindset of World Class Service,” designed for all spa employees.

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