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How Spas Help Battle Aging Using Non-Medical Methods

The International Spa Association defines the word ‘spa’ as “places devoted to overall well-being through a variety of professional services that encourage the renewal of mind, body, and spirit.” Can we add anti-aging to the mix?

We know how rejuvenated our minds and spirits can feel after a relaxing full body massage or body treatment, but the reference to the body, our physical selves, can be harder to judge.  After all, massages don’t make us look different. While they don’t necessarily want to look younger, most of your female clients would be very happy with the ability to halt the forward march of time, and stop aging in its tracks.

There have been so many advancements and developments in technologies of both products and equipment that slowing the effects of aging is almost becoming a reality, meaning that you don’t have to be a medical spa to provide anti-aging or rejuvenation treatments to your clients. A typical manifestation of the aging process is the appearance of your skin. Aging skin loses collagen and elastin from the dermis, causing skin to become less firm and radiant, and gradually to form wrinkles through the processes of glycation and cross-linking. Causes of aging are both extrinsic and intrinsic, and include too much sun exposure, lack of hydration, excessive intake of caffeine or alcohol, and genetic predisposition. Battling these symptoms used to require a visit to a healthcare professional or medical spa. But today’s new advancements in technologies mean that spas can offer progress in delaying the appearance of these symptoms on both the face and body.

Equipment for Anti-Aging Treatments

There are now numerous skin-tightening devices available for non-medical professionals:

  • Light-emitting diodes (LED) – These devices work by using light energy to trigger the regeneration of skin cells. Red light LED is said to be particularly effective at healing and skin repair. These treatments are painless and can be administered by estheticians or beauty therapists in half-hour segments.
  • Microcurrent – This technology employs low level electrical energy on the adenosine triphosphate (ATP) in the body to stimulate the body’s natural repair system. The therapist uses dual-tipped probes and a conductive gel to deliver the current to the skin, where it is said to improve circulation and skin tone.
  • Radio Frequency – RF devices work by emitting electromagnetic waves which heat the dermis and stimulate collagen production. Some RF devices combine the technology with other modalities, such as LED, to increase effectiveness.

In some countries, personal devices have been created which can safely be used at home.  Whether for deep cleansing and exfoliating, such as the Clarisonic skin brush, or anti-aging effects like LED masks or the Tria personal laser, clients are sure to desire the newest take-home devices to augment their spa treatments.

Products for Anti-Aging

Age Logic Cellulaire - Anti-Aging Product
Anti-Aging products like Age Logic Cellulaire can reduce the signs of aging.

Numerous advances in cosmetic chemistry have resulted in product formulations and delivery systems that produce excellent results, both in the spa during treatments, and continuing at home through follow-up home care.  Espa’s Lifestage line consists of three products designed to rejuvenate aging skin through Natural Encapsulation and Stage Release Technology; these products are not recommended for those under the age of 40. Thalgo offers several anti-aging ranges, including products utilizing hyaluronic acid, collagen, marine silicium extract and caffeine. Anti-glycation agents, vitamins C & E, and ATP are utilized in Age Logic Cellulaire crème from Rene Guinot.

Clients Must Do Their Part to Support Anti-Agina Methods

While it is now possible for clients to get desirable beauty-care results through these non-medical methods, with no pain or downtime, there is still no magic in skincare products or equipment. In order for clients to remain youthful beyond their years, they will have to do their part outside of the spa.  Avoiding sun exposure, one of the biggest contributors to premature skin aging, is an excellent start. Be sure to have plenty of sunscreen on hand to retail to your customers, especially during the summer months and travel seasons.  Also, train your entire staff to instruct clients, as appropriate, on the importance of their personal care outside of the spa. A regular routine that includes getting enough sleep, following a proper diet and drinking plenty of water on a regular basis will also provide a good foundation so that anti-aging spa treatments are even more effective.

Wynne Business can help develop a successful anti-aging consultation process for your spa.  Schedule a complimentary 30-minute needs assessment consultation with Wynne Business.


A version of this post appeared first on SpaChina.com.

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